The United Kingdom enjoys a deserved reputation for producing high quality vegetables, something we're proud of. At LV Ward we have been supplying best of that quality UK produce for over fifty years. We sell responsibly sourced vegetables, packed to the exacting standards and specifications of our customers and delivered them efficiently over night. We extend the our seasons by sourcing from throughout the UK offering unrivalled supply continuity under our widely recognised and respected brand identities.

Our core volume products are root vegetables, onions, potatoes, broccoli, brussels sprouts and herbs but we complement these with a wider range of seasonal produce.

In addition to packaged offerings we ship bulk produce to export and UK packing companies and have necessary product traceability, field records, assurance schemes and order tracking systems in place. Where appropriate we'll always hydro-cool our produce and ship refrigerated, with an option of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) that will extend the life of certain crops.


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